As part of the project on Centre for excellence in Urban Transport (CIE/0919/157/MUDX/RSIV), there is a requirement for 250 Nos. on-board GPS vehicle tracking units with the following specifications.




General Specifications:


  1. The Tracking Unit should have position accuracy of 5 -10 m.
  2. Data logging should be done at every 1 sec.
  3. Data transfer through GPRS?GSM/3G should be at every 5 sec or less to the server.
  4. Should have the capacity to store the data if vehicle lost connection with GSM/GPRS/ 3G network (Minimum 128 MB) and transfer it once the connection is restored. Suitable storage device, if needed, also to be supplied along with GPS.
  5. Should provide the protocol, listener API and associated software and database applications so that the GPS data can be received at a server at IITM in a format like NEMA or simple text file with position, time, and instrument ID as well as in SQL database form for storage and querying.
  6. IIT Madras must be able to modify the data arrival frequency and server IP any time.
  7. Remote Configuration, activation, status alert and deactivation of device by SMS must be available and training to IITM personnel on this should be provided.
  8. The unit should be light in weight and should have supporting accessories to fix it to a vehicle.
  9. Tamper Proof, Vandal Proof and Water Proof enclosure for GPS, power supply and antenna must be provided such as metallic casing for the unit, metallic tube covering the power supply as well as antenna cable without leaving gap for tampering, cutting etc.


10.  The GPS unit, power supply, and antenna have to be installed such that it is not within reach of any passenger.


11.  The GPS unit must give warning SMS if tampered such as power cord removed, antenna cut etc.  


12.  The device should be capable of operating with vehicle battery. The unit should also have an internal back-up battery (6 hours) and the battery charge should be indicated in the unit. Battery charging facility also should be provided.


  1. Three year warranty of the equipment must be included.
  2. Technical support in installation and maintenance for all GPS units during the warranty period should be provided by the vendor. This item is to be included as a line item in the quotation towards maintenance and support on an annual basis. Technical support payment will be made on a quarterly basis, depending on the satisfactory completion service in the previous quarter. Late charges (in providing necessary technical support) will be deducted at 10% per day of the corresponding pro-rated support amount.
  3. The vendor should have supplied, and maintained a minimum of 100 units for minimum six months for similar applications.
  4. Annual maintenance charge after the warranty period should be indicated as a separate line item. AMC payment will be quarterly based on satisfactory service in the previous quarter. Late service charge will be deducted at 10% per day per device of the service charge.
  5. Maintenance support for all GPS units should be provided by the vendor as per the following terms and conditions:


o   The GPS units must be fixed on buses on specified routes by the vendor. Due permissions will be obtained from suitable MTC authorities by IIT Madras for this purpose. The vendor should mount the units in MTC buses and carry out maintenance as necessary at bus depots in the night time.


o   Since continuous collection of data is critical for the project, faulty GPS must be replaced by the vendor with a temporary working GPS within one day. The faulty GPS needs to be repaired and re-fixed; temporary GPS must continue transmitting data till the faulty GPS is replaced.


o   In the event, any bus with GPS is moved by MTC to other routes (than the ones specified by IIT Madras) or removed from operation, the GPS should be removed by vendor, and fixed on to the new/replacement bus that will run on the pre-specified route. This transfer must take place within one day from receiving information from IIT Madras regarding a change in buses. The vendor may quote for transfer/relocation charge as a separate line item per device.


18.  60% of the payment (except for the support amount) will be made against delivery of GPS, and 40% (except for the support amount) will be paid after installation and acceptance. The support amount will be withheld and paid on a quarterly basis subject to conditions noted in item 14 above.


19.  The items should be delivered to IIT Madras. The delivery of products should be within 


4-6   weeks after receipt of purchase order.


20.  Quantities mentioned are approximate only.  The vendor should quote per unit price.  IIT Madras reserves the right to modify the order quantity, depending on project requirement or not to place the order at all.\




Your compliance report should be attached to your technical bid




The technical specifications for the unit are given below:




Technical Specification


Unit / Item


1. GSM



900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz

     2.Power Supply


     3.Battery Backup

At least 6 Hrs.  without Vehicle Battery



     1.Data Class

Class B

     2.Coding Scheme


     3.Uplink Transfer

40 kbps

     4.Downlinklink Transfer

80 kbps


NMEA0183 or any other Supporting IP Like http

3. GPS






    3.C/A code

1.023 MHz chip rate


At least 16-20



    6.Position Accuracy

5 -10 m

    7.Time Accuracy

0.1 m/s

    8.Reaqusistion Time

Average-0.1 m/s

    9.Velocity Range

300-500 m/s

   10.Operating temperature